Friday, April 12, 2013

Oh Money, Where Art Thou?

This is the exact question I asked Chase Bank earlier this week, but without the Shakespearean flare. You have quite a few options for exchanging currency. You can do it at your local bank branch, at airports, and at many hotels and hostels. However, if you know ahead of time what you're planning to spend, you're better off doing it before your trip at your bank.

Here's how it works at Chase. You call the number on the back of your debit card and tell them that you would like to obtain currency from the following countries [where ever you are traveling to] and the amounts in USD. They will order the money to your local branch, who will then call you once it arrives. You go pick up your money, pay for it in USD at the current exchange rates, and then you're set.

Well, hey now, what are you going to do with all that cash?

Put it in a nifty little money belt, but of course. I decided to go with a simple design by Eagle Creek Travel Gear. Basically, you should only have the currency you need for the day in your wallet, and then place the rest in this money belt. You wear this underneath your clothing during the day. That way if you get pick pocketed or purse snatched, you still have the rest of your money. As per the point of the money belt, you want to wear it ninja style. That means don't advertise that you're wearing it by going into it multiple times a day, especially in public. Be discrete. Be a ninja.

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